Farmer’s Market Haul #1

Farmer's Market Haul

Some people get excited about makeup hauls or drugstore hauls, but one of my weekend delights is a Saturday morning farmer’s market haul. It’s always exciting to see what new goods are out. Some of my favorites thus far have been the farm fresh feta cheese and the white grapes (not pictured). The feta cheese was a lot more creamy and not as tangy as the ones you find at the grocery store and the grapes were very sweet with a nice crunch from the little seed inside. Fruits and vegetables from farmer’s markets have that special local feel and that is probably the only place where you will get to meet the direct people who picked them that morning or last night. Depending on what you get, some foods are cheaper than what you can find in the grocery store or very comparable at the least. Featured today is a haul containing mushrooms, cucumbers, squash, and bell peppers. Here is a little of what I have planned for these ingredients:

Button Mushrooms– cream of mushroom soup & marinated mushrooms (great for adding to salads)

Zucchini/Yellow Squash– zucchini chips, vegetable tian (dish with spiraled veggies including potatoes, onions, and tomatoes)

Bell Peppers– roasted vegetables mix with pasta

Cucumbers– spring mix salads, cucumber yogurt dip

I hope this inspires you to check out your local farmer’s market and get creative with what ingredients you find! Farmer's Market Haul

Farmer's Market Haul

What are you making with your farmer’s market finds?

Bundaberggg & Brunch

Try new things everyday. Whether it’s with restaurants, shopping, music, or even events, trust me you won’t be disappointed. It’s always a learning experience and you’ll always come out with a story to tell. You never know, that weird name on a restaurant menu may just become your all-time favorite dish to order. The best place I’ve found to try new things is World Market, my favorite food and home decor store. They have a crazy amount of atypical drink flavors that you probably have never heard of in the classic glass bottles. The strangest one I have tasted, Chocolate Fizz Soda, is exactly as named- a chocolate flavored sparkling drink. On our most recent trip to World Market we got four different flavors (all non-alcoholic by the way)- Ginger Beer, Peachee Sparkling Water, Mate Mojito Mint and Lime, and Ginger Brew. It was so hard to choose just because of all the overwhelming flavors. We originally went with the goal of buying Bundaberg Bitter Lemon, but they were out of stock of it so we just had to settle with the other flavors. Overall, the Ginger Brew was the most bitter out of all the drinks and you could taste the ginger in it. The Ginger Beer tasted almost exactly like Ginger Ale, the only difference was that the ginger flavor was a little more noticeable. My favorite out of them was the Peachee Sparkling Water, just the right amount of peach flavoring added to sparkling water. They’re all healthy too by the way, because the sugar used to sweeten them comes from pure cane sugar and there is no corn syrup or yucky preservatives.

A quick and easy dish to make- pasta with tomatoes, a variety of cheeses, onions, and black olives

A fresh salad with arugula and cucumbers from the farmer’s market, in addition to some sliced onions and tomatoes

Kale from the farmer’s market! (in the process of being boiled)

Added some onions and spices to the boiled kale mixture

Tada! The final and finished product, best eaten with bread by the way :)

Interesting snack we found at World Market too. The combo of cranberries, honey, and sea salt tastes wonderful with almonds!

What’s your favorite store to test your culinary taste?