Thai Kitchen

Thai Kitchen

Thai Kitchen

2302 Texas Av.  Lubbock, TX 79411

Thai Kitchen is the true epitope of a hole in the wall restaurant that you discover through friends. Sure, the first impression may be that you put the wrong address in Google Maps after you pull in the isolated outskirts of Downtown Lubbock. It isn’t hard to miss though, because it is surrounded by covered parking, which is a rare find at restaurants and a nice perk here.

Once we walked in, we were seated immediately and served a free appetizer of shrimp puffs aka prawn crackers, a popular snack food in Southeast Asia. The interior of the restaurant was clean and they had a clear display near the register with purses and other merchandise they were selling. A quick look at the menu showed all the traditional Thai dishes for reasonable prices around $7. I ended up ordering the Panange Curry ( Panange Curry Paste with Coconut Milk, Peppers and Chicken). Panange gets its name from the city island off the west coast of Malaysia bordering southern Thailand. It’s a salty and sweet curry with a hint of a peanut flavor. My first few bites had a little kick of spiciness after I swallowed, but after that it was fine and tasted mildly spicy.

I’d definitely come back here for a second visit and look forward to trying another Curry or the Drunken Noodles with some Thai Tea! Thai Kitchen

What’s you favorite meal at Thai restaurants?

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