Never Say Never!

It’s crazy when you sit back and look at how your opinions have changed over time over any subject, and in this case-food. In the past, I would have never dreamed of touching an avocado. Slimy. Tasteless. Mushy. Basically, that’s how I judged them. I even hated guacamole! What was I thinking haha. It’s funny because I’m not really sure when the transition occurred, just sometime in the past couple years. Well now, I am a hugeee fan of avocados. I love them in anything and everything, you name it whether it’s on turkey bacon wrapped hotdogs or even something as simple as a salad.

Something else that I recently tried out with avocados that my parents always eat is avocados with honey. Yup, only honey. Easiest snack you could ever make and it is just delicioussssss! So if you have any spare avocados sitting around and aren’t really sure what to do with them, just drizzle some of that sweet honey on top, grab a spoon, and dig in :)

Any other interesting ways you eat your avocados??

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