A Brief Breakfast and the Finest Desserts

So basically New Years was simply amazing. I got to experience this really cool tradition to celebrate the coming of the new year where my aunt baked this Greek New Year’s Bread aka Vasilopita. The ritual is that the bread is cut on New Year’s Day, oh and there’s a twist. A foil-covered coin is hidden in this bread. Where? Well, no one knows until it’s cut, and whoever gets it is said to have good luck for the whole year. A piece of cake is sliced for each member of the family starting from eldest to youngest and depending on tradition, a slice is given to something symbolic such as the household etc. Everyone stared in anticipation as each slice was passed around the table. Half of the sweet bread was served and yet no sight of the silver coin?! Before redoing the whole process, my relatives decided to give a slice for the house. Aha! There it was, slightly tilted in the thin slice of bread. Although no one at the table got the coin, we nevertheless had a great breakfast and enjoyed our time!

The Traditional New Year’s Greek Bread

A quick and easy yet delicious dish made with eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, and other spices

Lebanese yogurt called Labne ( the bread goes great with this! )

My aunt’s Kourambiedes (Greek buttery shortbread cookies)

These literally melt in your mouth and are the BEST cookies ever!

Fresh Apple Pie from Oberweis

I was able to taste the freshness of this apple pie in one bite! A warm piece of this with some ice cream was just heavenly. After discovering how great apple pie can taste, I will never eat another store-bought apple pie again.

Beautiful sunset in Chicago

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