Happy New Years!!!

Wow, well it’s been a while since my last post… With the busy holiday season and New Year’s there hasn’t been much time to sit down and blog, but I do have a lot to share so lucky y’all! First off, I was in Chicago for the holidays so my next three posts will be dedicated to a Man vs Food restaurant that I tried out, the scrumptious foods I ate on New Year’s, and a special new recipe that I prepared!

Y’all already know how much I love Man vs Food so while I was in downtown Chicago fully aware that there was a Gino’s East in the vicinity, there was no way that I was going to leave this city without eating at this restaurant first! After a couple hours of walking all over downtown with my cousins, a quick stop to see this Gino’s East revealed an unexpected long line. We ended up ordering a small spinach and cheese deep dish pizza take out so we could shop during the 45 minute long wait. A visit back to Gino’s to pick up our much desired pizza left us with a failed attempt to find where Adam Richman signed his name :( Come on, a couple minutes is barely anything to find one signature amongst walls and walls of scribbled signatures! We were starving and exhausted so we didn’t really care except about taking a bite from that cheesy spinachy pizza with such a rich aroma. By the way, no pieces of this amazing pizza survived for pictures lol. I guess I’ll just have to go again to Gino’s whenever I come back to Chicago for the dine-in experience as well. Not a problem at all. Well, on to the pizza itself now. The crust tasted like no other crust I’ve eaten before! It was a golden yellow and was crunchy, not soft and chewy like the generic pizza crust. The pizza itself complimented the crust with its saucy and cheesy insides. Deep dish pizzas are different than others because the cheese layer goes underneath the saucy layer (so basically the reverse of a normal pizza) plus the mouthwatering crust is a couple inches high. And lastly, the pizza tasted oh so fresh, not greasy and oily like they usually are. I definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who is visiting Chicago!!

Gino’s East

The famous Water Tower which was one of the few buildings to survive the Great Chicago Fire of 1871

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