Hospital Themed Fondant Cake

This yummy creation was made by a group of me and a couple of good friends a couple years ago for a creative book review project. While everyone else did the typical project of a poster or what not, we decided to combine our love for food and baking with education. We had a blast making it and just deciding how to place all the props everywhere. The cake overall is supposed to symbolize a medical mystery novel we read and it is really a “hospital” with a sort of a graveyard setting around it. The fondant is a homemade classic white with gel food coloring to give it a spattered and imperfect look. One look at this mouth watering cake and we just had to sample it to make sure it tasted good. Thus, our cake developed a little side crevice for our bloody skeleton to rest in, which complemented the rest of the design nicely. As for the rest, the luscious flowing river is blue icing with a bank of oreo crumbles, not to mention the green sprinkle full grass.

Fondant recipe coming up soon!

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